PetPlate, established in 2016, offers cooked meals, natural treats, and supplements for pets. Their recipes are carefully crafted by a certified veterinary nutritionist and prepared in kitchens approved by the USDA. By means of their online subscription service and partnerships with select independent pet retailers, PetPlate has successfully delivered over 20 million meals nationwide.

To expand their reach, PetPlate joined forces with Cominted Labs to create a virtual dog park. This initiative aims to cater to two key customer bases: the gaming community and pet enthusiasts. Within PetPlate Park, players engaged in a search for hidden dogs and match their specific needs with the appropriate PetPlate product available in the park. Prizes for participants included PetPlate-branded wearables, digital twin of their own IRL dogs, and discounted products.

Over thousands of unique players joined the experience in the course of 1 week PetPlate has collected +100 leads email on potential new clients through an innovative virtual vending machine we have set up at the PetPlate Park.





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