Avatar & CG Character Design Services

Build your digital identity in the metaverse

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As Featured In

Our Capabilities

Custom Avatar Services

We design full-body custom 3D characters to use in your games or as metaverse avatars (Decentraland, monaverse, etc…)

Vtuber Services

Become a Vtuber or virtual influencer with a custom 3D VRM avatar with body + facial expression rig & semi-realistic skinning.

3D Animals & Creatures

Our team has experience designing fully rigged characters for RPG games & virtual worlds


How We Work


We’ll start by meeting with you In real-life or virtually, to get to know your business. The goal is to identify your needs together.


Not sure as to what you want to build in the metaverse? This is normal, and we can help! We’ll brainstorm with your team to define the ideas of your project.


Our team of metaverse builders will then get to work and create some first concepts to share with you! We will work back & forth with your feedback to build your metaverse identity together!


Once the metaverse experience is ready it’s time to go live! We’ll provide support throughout the launch.


Our job doesn’t stop here! Our goal is to create a long-term relationship with you, and make your metaverse activation a platform of customer engagement and acquisition.

Contact us

Schedule a free 30 min call with our team so that we can help you choose the best program to achieve your goals and respond to any of your questions! Any questions, drop us a message!


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What is an avatar?

Avatars are our digital representatives in the virtual world

What files will we provide?

Depending on the platform or use case of your avatar, we will provide all the final & source files of your project, which includes 3D files (glb, gltf, VRM), renders & project file.

How long is the process?

Custom-designed avatar projects usually take between 1-3 weeks.

Where can I use my avatar?
It will depend on the service you are choosing from us. An avatar can be integrated into existing metaverse platforms like Decentraland or Monaverse, but it can also be used in games or for your Youtube channel if you decide to go with the VTuber service. VRM avatar can be used in various applications