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As Featured In

As Featured In

Our Capabilities

Custom Art Gallery Space Design

Our team of metaverse architects & 3D artists will design a custom art gallery space for your virtual exhibition in Spatial, Oncyber, or Decentraland. Visit the gallery we’ve created for the artist Francisca Oyhanarte.

Event planning & coordination

Looking to host an art exhibition in the metaverse? We’ll help plan the event and onboard your audience for an immersive art exhibition!


Francisca Oyhanarte

Vox NFTs

Lemmings NFT

How We Work


We’ll start by meeting with you In real-life or virtually, to get to know your business. The goal is to identify your needs together.


Not sure as to what you want to build in the metaverse? This is normal, and we can help! We’ll brainstorm with your team to define the ideas of your project.


Our team of metaverse builders will then get to work and create some first concepts to share with you! We will work back & forth with your feedback to build your metaverse identity together!


Once the metaverse experience is ready it’s time to go live! We’ll provide support throughout the launch.


Our job doesn’t stop here! Our goal is to create a long-term relationship with you, and make your metaverse activation a platform of customer engagement and acquisition.

Contact us

Schedule a free 30 min call with our team so that we can help you choose the best program to achieve your goals and respond to any of your questions! Any questions, drop us a message!


Do I need a VR headset to host a metaverse exhibition?

No, there are many metaverse platforms that will allow you to host events that can be accessible via mobile or browser.

Where is the metaverse gallery hosted?

We can design spaces that are compatible with multiple metaverse platforms. We specialize in building experiences for Spatial.io, Oncyber, Decentraland & Sandbox. But if you prefer, your gallery can be embedded into your website.


What is the maximum capacity for a metaverse event?

Again, this will depend on the infrastructure you choose to host your event. Our team will help you choose the best solution available to respond to your needs. Some platforms allow 40 people simultaneously in the same space, and others up to 500.

Do you provide support for events?

Yes, we can provide support before & during your event if needed!